Solapur Shenga Chutney or Solapur Shenga Chutney Manufacturers List from last 15 Year. we Dnyanada Products, the largest procurer, processor and marketer of World's Famous solapur shenga chutney manufacturers from Maharashtrian Chutney known as Shenga Chutney and Special Mouth shuttering Dnyanada Bhadang in Maharashtra, was founded in 2009 by an entrepreneurial Maharastrain couple - Mahendra R. Gadmire and Madhuri Mahendra Gadmire.

A home based business known as Dnyanada Products has grown today to include art manufacturing facilities, offering over World's Famous Solapur Shenga Chutney and Special Mouth Shuttering Bhadang.

This range of products cater to the variety of taste and requirements of our thousands of customers across India.

Raw spices are procured after a stringent selection process of reputed suppliers from all over India. The Shenga Chutney and Bhadang are processed in unique customized plants designed specifically for the company. The R&D lab works closely with the procurement, production and marketing teams to assure the flow of quality productS.

Dnyanada Products of the Gadmire family, founders provide the wisdom and guiding philosophy for an enterprise whose products are consumed everyday in over thousands of homes across the Globe.

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